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K548 Integral Rotary IDDCA Microcooler

Model K548 is a member of RICOR’s expanding family of Integral rotary IDDCA microcoolers. This family is solidly based on the concepts of direct detector mounting on the cooler cold finger, and the integral construction of the cooler and Dewar envelope. The K548 model represents a further stage of development of this proven design concept, undertaken to meet the demand for more cooling power and the cold finger stiffness requirements of the large FPA formats. It also offers longer operating life, hence reduced life cycle costs.

The microcooler family contains an onboard temperature controller which offers standby, remote shutdown and over-current protection options.


Cooler Weight: 600 gr.

Ambient Temperature Range:
- Operational: -40°C...+85°C
- Non-Operational: -56°C...+85°C

Input Voltage: 18-28 VDC

Cooldown Time (500J @77K @23°C):
5 min. Typ.

Steady State Input Power:
(550mW @77K @23°C): 15WDC Typ.

MTTF > 12,000 Hours

Maximum Input Power: 40WDC

Meets Environmental Conditions per