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Service & Support

Coercive’s UK Cooler Sales, Service and Support Facility provides customers with:


  • Technical support pre and post sales
  • Stocks of coolers where required
  • Cooler Detector Integration / De-integration
  • Cooler Diagnostics and Repair
  • Cooler Leak Testing
  • Stator Assembly repairs including motors and electronics
  • Cooler Replacements
  • Logistical support in handling repairs

Motors and Electro Optical Assemblies

  • Technical support pre and post sales .
  • Support Stocks
  • Product support for long service life ie > 20 years
  • Support Contracts available to address flow down from 1st tier/2nd tier demands
  • Diagnosis and Analysis of faults & remedial actions, full reporting (DIR),SOW costs
  • Replacement/repair of bearings , shafts ,sensors
  • Stator winding repairs or rewinds and repair of damaged rotors and magnets
  • For electro-optical items replacement of optical elements- polygon mirrors, prism etc and re-balancing .
  • Repairs to Electronics