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K508N Highly Reliable Integral Stirling 1/2W MicroCooler

The K508N is a new member of RICOR‘s microcoolers family. This model was developed as a high reliability K508 derivative with a goal of increasing cooler reliability above 20,000 operating hours. K508N is ideal for systems‘ life cycle cost improvement especially for applications operating 24/7 in border surveillance IR systems. The K508N is fully interchangeable with the standard K508 cryocooler and designed to be integrated with all types of K508 cold fingers/DDAs.

The cooler is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and excels in low vibration export and low acoustic noise level.


Cooler Weight: 470 gr.

Cooldown Time (250J @77K @23°C):
5 min. Typ.

Input Voltage: 12-16 or 18-28V

Cooling Capacity:
500mW @77K @71°C
700mW @77K @23°C

Steady State Input Power:
7.5Wdc@220mW, 77K

MTTF > 20,000 Hours (Goal)

Maximum Input Power: 18.5Wdc

Meets Environmental Conditions per

Ambient Temperature Range:
- Operational: -40°C...+85°C
- Non-Operational: -56°C...+85°C