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Cryogenic Cooling Systems

Coercive offer a range of Stirling Cycle Coolers which include both Spilt Engine and Integrated (IDCA) designs. Micro-Coolers are our smallest most compact coolers and cover a range of cooling powers (heat-loads) up to 1.5W, providing cooling of the sensor/substrate down to temperatures as low as 60K as required .

The required substrate temperature can be selected from the controller , unlike LN2 systems which are constrained to 77K . There is customer flexibility in setting the required cooling temperature, all from a sealed closed electrically operated miniature device. These microcoolers are used very extensively in electro-optical applications providing cooling of infra red sensor arrays but also have application in cooling other types of sensor or indeed small material samples for analytical purposes.

They are available in a variety of configurations as explained below so that an optimal system solution can be obtained for your application. Importantly here is the modular and commonality approach through many of the micrcooler variants, this means that a number of different cooling engine configuations can be easily swapped in the one Detector- Dewar Assembly (DDA) design enabling it to satisfy differing application needs without extensive re-design of system components. To view details of each of these product please click on the links below: