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Coercive Systems Limited was established in the UK more than 25 years ago as a specialised servo component and systems company designing and manufacturing bespoke motor and drive products. The company exploited the very latest developments in magnetic materials such as the new rare earth materials that were available for magnetic applications.

The Company’s name is actually derived from the terminology given to the force that the magnet can withstand without demagnetising: “Coercive Force” (from the B-H curve) and the high Coercivity of the rare earth materials employed in its motor and generator designs.

The business soon gained strong positions in specific markets particularly Electro Optics, Marine and Defence with its ability to develop bespoke optimised solutions for demanding applications in realistic timescales. Winning prestigious programmes with some of the world’s leading companies enabled it to build strong foundations.

As the business grew new products and technologies were added, broadening the breadth of the markets served and depth of the product lines, capitalising on its market knowledge and synergies in products. Cryogenic Cooling Engines became a major addition to the business and the relationship with Ricor Cryogenics and Vacuum Systems was formed, with the two businesses now having more than two decades of experience working closely together. Ricor are now the world's leading manufacturer of Cryogenic Coolers.

Coercive continues to develop its products and business and looks forward to the next 25 years serving its customers with the best technology solutions in its chosen areas of expertise and delivering exceptional customer service.