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535 Dual Opposed Linear Stirling Cryocooler

K535 - Twin Piston Linear Integral Stirling 7W@65K Cryocooler Model K535 is specially built for order to provide high cooling power at a cryogenic temperature. Among other application the linear K535 is designed for a detector cooling gas liquefier and cooling of antenna mounted HTSC RF filters for the cellular telephone industry.


Cooler Weight: 9.5 kg

Cooling Capacity @23°C Ambient: 7W @65K

Input Power: 240W MAX. @50 ± 2VDC

MTTF> 40,000 Hours

Skin Temperature Range:
- Operational: -20°C...+71°C
- Non-Operational: -56°C...+85°C

Meets Environmental Conditions per

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