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K544 Rugged Integral Stirling 1W Cooler

Model K544 is another member of Ricor's expanding family of highly reliable integral rotary cryocoolers.

This model was developed to meet the growing demands for extreme environmental condition and for high cooling power.

This cooler is designed for ruggedised airborne applications where reliability, cooling power and robustness are of concern.

This model is integrated with 9.3 mm cold finger and with stand-alone controller.

Technical Specifications

Cooler Weight: 930 gr.

Input Voltage:
18-31.5 VDC

Steady State Input Power:
(20WDC @ 1000mW, 77K @ 23°C)

Maximum Input Power:

Ambient Temperature Range:
- Operational: -40°C...+102°C
- Non-Operational: -56°C...+122°C

Cooldown Time (500J @ 77K @ 23°C):
4 min. Typ.

Cooling Capacity:
1000mW @ 77K @ 71°C
1300mW @ 95K @ 102°C

MTTF > 15,000 Hours

Meets Environmental Conditions per