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K562S Integral Stirling Low Power Mini Micro Cooler

Model K562S represents the ultimate miniaturization of RICOR’s integral rotary Stirling mini micro coolers. Weighing only 185 grams and consuming less than 3 Watt, this cooler was specially developed to support miniature IR systems where the IR detector operates at temperatures of 95K and above. The basic design concept is based on RICOR’s renowned integral rotary coolers known for their battle proven reliability and ruggedness.

The K562S is driven by a novel digital sensorless controller which excels in low temperature drift and accurate temperature stability.


Weight (Without Controller): 185 gr.

Cooldown Time (160J @110K @23°C).
< 4 min. Typ.

Input Voltage: 12Vdc

Cooling Capacity:
200mW @95K @71°C
300mW @110K @71°C

Steady State Input Power:
(200mW @95K @23°C): < 4.5WDC
(150mW @110K @23°C): < 3WDC

MTTF > 10,000 Hours

Maximum Input Power: 14WDC

Meets Environmental Conditions per

Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C...+71°C