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K570 Split Stirling Linear Cryogenic Cooler

Model K570 is a new member of RICOR’s expanding family of Split Stirling Linear Cryogenic Coolers. This model is the smallest and lightest in the range of 1W@80K cryocoolers and delivers required heat lift over the extended range of ambient temperatures from -50°C up to +85°C, along with MTTF well in excess of 30,000 hours.

The K570 cryocooler is an ultimate solution for demanding military tactical (MWS, Gen 3, multispectral IR sensors, high definition FPAs, etc) and responsive space programs, where weight, size, power consumption, heat sinking, reliability, flexibility in system design, vibration export and aural stealth are of concern.


Cooler Weight: 800 gr.
(cooler is mounted upon frame weighting less than 3kgf)

Maximum heat lift at 80K@85°C at maximum power consumption:
1100 mW

Controller Weight: 130gr.

MTTF 30,000 Hours (Goal)

Weight of optional TDA: 150 gr.

Power consumption at typical heat lift
1W@80K@23°C: 25W DC

Input voltage: 18-32V

Local temperature stability: ±0.2K

Temperature drift: ±0.5K

Maximum power consumption: 45WDC

Ambient temperature range: -50°C...85°C

Vibration export with TDA
at driving frequency*: <2.5 N rms